Nethra Fernando (sri lanka)Management Case Study (CSEP Pathway) – Feb 2021

Nanaska's focused approach on improving individuals has worked for me. Not only did Nanaska provided a unique educational service leveraging digitalization, they were right there for me encouraging and mentoring in difficult times. 

With their holistic approach in preparing for CIMA Case Study, you simply can't go wrong.

Thank you, Channa, Wathsala and the Team". Wishing Nanaska for much greater endeavors

Senthil Nathan (thailand)Strategic Case Study – Feb 2021

I would like to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the supports that you have provided for my CIMA SCS exam, with all your great support i have cleared my exam in the first attempt.

Even though I enrolled with CIMA April-2020 I haven’t sat for my exam until Feb-2021, due to my work load. Was worried until I start my study with Nanaksa whether I will complete or not.

Mr.Channa’s way of teaching and the mock exam feedback provided by Ishara and Wathsala was very useful and encouraged me to focus on my studies to improve and get ready for the real exam.

Due to my busy work schedule, i took leave just two weeks before the exam and focused on my study and watched maximum videos and refresh all the documents provided by Nanaska, certainly without your help I wouldn’t have passed my exam! Even though I didn’t score higher marks but I’m glad that I passed the exam with my first try!

Ishara Sandamali Gamage
(sri lanka)
Operational Case Study – Feb 2021

After completing my Master’s degree joined with Nanska Institute for OCS classes as the very first step of my CIMA journey. It was an amazing experience for me to see how the lecturers of Nanska helped the students to go through the exams successfully by adhering to various online platforms like online classes, mock exams and via Nanska website enriched with high quality study materials. I shall be very much thankful to the lecturers of Nanska Institute, especially to Mr. Channa Gunawardana & Mr. Mark Gunathilaka for their painstaking effort to improve the knowledge & for the motivation extended throughout. It is due to their invaluable effort I was able to attain the goal while being a full time banker. This endeavour is highly appreciated.

Asela Emilius Theverapperuma
Management Case Study (CSEP Pathway) – Feb 2021

Studying through an online platform was a first time experience for me, NANASKA’s teaching methodology and the resources they provide to get me thinking in the right direction were the key attributes that contributed to my success. Coming into the CIMA program from the C-SEP route I had to learn the basics as well whilst preparing for the Case Study, Channa’s TEAM managed to make this a simpler task than I expected. Some of the facilities that I found interesting and value adding were the personal attention, any time any place video availability, and the online mocks.

Ranjitkumar Thivakaran (AUSTRALIA)Strategic Case Study – Feb 2021

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success - Henry Ford
I resumed my strategic level case study exam from old syllabus to new syllabus, where I haven’t got any notion about the new syllabus. I got to know that Channa is doing classes online then I was enrolled for the session. From the start of the session, the objective was clear that Nanaska team want all of us to see success in the exam. Industry knowledge and theoretical explanation are the core of the session. As the progress goes on mock papers played a key role to understand the exam condition and also to understand our mistakes in writing an answer. I must thank that Channa for giving motivation towards the session and also the team who worked hard for continuous monitoring throughout the journey. I highly recommend students who are seeking for their success in CIMA exams to be associate with Nanaska institution. Once again thank you so much for all support and concern given throughout the session.

Kirit Kumar

Strategic Case Study - Feb 2021

It was indeed a great pleasure being introduced to Nanaska by CIMA. Being a person who have left studies for decades & only 6 weeks given to prepare for the final exam is very challenging. I took every lesson given by Mr. Channa very seriously & revised all the notes provided regularly and pay serious attention when there is online classes. The mock papers are important tools for me to get prepared for the final exam & despite performing poorly, I have not lost the focus and began to revise for harder & get the entire understanding on the case studies. Nanaska has played major role in turning a person like me from noone to someone today & this exam was my very first & I have managed to passed in first sitting. Nanaska has made make great sacrifices in conducting long hour classes and this actually turn their sacrifice into fruitful as I have manage to clear at first sitting.

Mr. Channa & the rest of the Nanaska Team once again a very big THANK YOU for your contribution & sacrifices & this will always be remembered as I will be no one without your assistance & sacrifice

Ramaly Rahuman
Management Case Study – Feb 2021

Attempting case study was a daunting task for me. Nanaska did everything. The best part was that I could completely trust their team. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. The deep dive, Power mocks, Financial mocks, Refresh theories played a vital role. The main benefits came from doing plenty of mock papers and receiving individual feedback. I am looking forward to working with Mr. Channa and Nanaska for Strategy level exams and I strongly recommend Nanaska for other students as well .

Antony Nimesh Jayawardena
Strategic Case Study – Nov 2020, Joint Country Prize Winner

I joined CIMA through the CIMA Gateway programme. My initial concern was how am I going to cover the three theory subjects. However thanks to Mr. Channa and Nanaska revision sessions was organized which gave me an excellent overall view and knowledge on the theory subjects. From the beginning of the SCS case study Mr.Channa trained us to think practically which was the essence for my success in SCS case study. The programme was well structured which contained more than 5 mock exams, summarizing of the case study, Possible questions and a overall view of the industry. Nanaska even went up to the extent of having sessions by experts in the related industry which was referred in the case study. The professionalism and commitment displayed by Mr. Channa and Nanaska team was immense. Therefore I highly recommend Nanaska to prospective students who are eager to achieve success in the Corporate world.

Luong Thi Thuy Linh (Malaysia)Country Prize Winner
Strategic Case Study – 
Nov 2020

I am very grateful for what Nanaska had prepared for my Strategic Case Study exam. Thank you, Mr.Channa and Nanaska team for the inspring lectures, the comprehensive and unique learning materials as well as the one to one coaching sections after each mock exam.

Naveed Anjoon
(sri lanka)
Management Case Study (CSEP Pathway) - Nov 2020

As a Senior Sales and Marketing professional and someone who didn’t do any exams in the last 5 years, I had my own doubts whether I’ll be able to pass the exams in one go, when I enrolled my self for CIMA. I consider my self lucky to have joined Nanaska as it gave me the full confidence within the first couple of weeks itself that it is possible to pass the exams provided we put in the hard work. And I DID GET THROUGH!!! ☺️ Thanks to the team for the guidance and I followed all the steps.

Nanaska team led by Mr. Channa Gunawardena are fully dedicated to ensure that we pass the exams with high marks. Students get pushed very often and it was very evident that everyone in the team are working towards one common goal that the students pass the exams with high marks.

I felt something very unique the way Nanaska go about it. The structure used, ground rules, deep dives, mock papers provided, theory revision and the 1-2-1 feedback sessions were phenomenal. Important areas of the syllabus repeated multiple times and Mr.Channa had the patience to answer the same question multiple times almost every week helped us to instill the key points of the curriculum.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nanaska for CIMA education. Whilst Sincerely thanking the Nanaska team for the guidance they provided me and wish them all the very best in their journey!

Nason Zhang
(Sri Lanka)

Management Case Study (CSEP Pathway) - Nov 2020

As for me, it's great and fruitful journey with Nanaska Team in pursuing the acheivement of CIMA, Mr. Channa's class is an excellent combination of theoretical knowledge and modern practice The work experience shared, the industrial leader seminar hold, abundant network resources broadcasted, the individual study guidance group (with quite a lot encourage and supervision) would be the most advantageous tools not only in passing CIMA exam, but also in improving your Financial Profession, which is a precious memories of life as well.

Hasini Erangika
(sri lanka)
Management Case Study – Aug 2020

Mr Channa from NANASKA led me on my CIMA journey. NANASKA prepared me for the CIMA SCS exam by providing me with the requisite subject information, study notes, time management skills, and exam strategy to pass the CIMA SCA exam with flying colours. Mr Channa's online classes and notes, which included KYP, KYI, refresh theory, Deep Dive, podcasts, and mock exams, laid a strong foundation for taking the exam. Nanaska comes highly recommended by me.

Vinesh Moodley
(sri lanka)

Head of Finance – Mott MacDonald Middle East. Management Case Study – May 2020

I successfully passed both the MCS and SCS exams during 2020 with Nanaska as my tuition provider. Studying remotely and online especially during 2020 was really challenging but partnering with a tuition provider like Nanaska allowed me to fulfil my increased work commitments as well as keep up to date with my studies. There are so many aspects that make studying with Nanaska exceptional but a few stand most notably Channa, the lead lecturer. His practical experience and his ability to combine this with the theory required is top class and a crucial aspect to success in the CIMA exams. His dedication and passion for the subject matter is truly inspiring and certainly helped me to be successful. The structured programme is another strength as well as the six mock exams with an in depth one to one analysis of your efforts. I have no hesitation in recommending Nanaska as a preferred CIMA tuition provider.

Nilhan Perera
(Sri Lanka)

Management Case Study – Aug 2020, Strategic Case Study – Nov 2020

I started my CIMA journey through the Management Case study from the Gateway route. Channa and the team immensely helped me as I had to all three theory areas since I didn’t do the OTQs but Nanaska has a superlative of forum which gave access to me and that had every tool that I needed to get through the exam. Personal one to one session was a big turning point in motivating me and it also gave me clear opportunity clear my doubts and get more information. The exam engine which I did my mock exams gave me preview of the real exam feeling so I was prepared for it. Team Nanaska has a true passion and commitment to what they do so I would highly recommend Nanaska to any prospective student looking to study CIMA

Jimson George

Strategic Case Study – Aug 2020

With Nanaska I could pass the Management Level Case study exam in my first attempt. They have planned everything in advance in order to support us to get through this. Also they have a team who are very supportive and they have directly advised me regarding the areas to improve at one to one session.
I am really thankful to Channa sir and the Nanaska team who supported me throughout this journey and wish they could guide many more students toward success

Godwin Gyimah

Management Case Study – Aug 2020

I had a very experience with Nanaska and that helped me pass my gateway exams.

Firstly, I had not studied accounting before I joined CIMA. I have an engineering degree, MBA, and work as an HR professional so the gateway exams for the management level were very new to me. With the help of Nanaska learning approach and how they prepared me for the exams, I passed on my first attempt.

Secondly, Nanaska webinars and mocks were very helpful to give you a feel of how the exam day looks like and made me relaxed during the exams and followed the instructions. the team was also helpful in providing relevant information regularly in a different form which allowed for different approaches to learning.

Finally, I will always choose Nanaska anytime I am ready to continue with my CIMA journey.

Narmatha Murali

Strategic Case Study  - May 2017

I enrolled in Nanaska's online programme to help with my SCS exam which I failed to get through in my previous two attempts. The support and guidance from the lecturer has helped me to pass this paper with 102 scores. Setting aside time to study for a professional exam had been a challenge for me. Nanaska's programme provided the flexibility to juggle around my work, family and studies. The weekly follow up sessions are really motivational in terms of keeping you ahead of the game and broaden your thinking. The feed back for mock papers are very useful in identifying the areas where you need improvement and mostly they are followed up in the next papers. The level of support and motivation given to students by Nanaska team is truly amazing!!

Emomotimi Agama (Nigeria)
Strategic Case Study - May 2017

hanks to Nanaska for the plan put in place to ensure my success. The level of personal involvement of the facilitator and the constant nudging provided me with a great deal of materials that helped me achieve my goal. The emphasis on particular areas is very important and any student that desires to pass must take these points seriously. There is no option to starting early in your preparation as this will enable you cover all the areas you are expected to cover and give room for strategic revision.
Will recommend Nanaska to anyone, any day and anytime.

Patricia Duru (Nigeria)
Strategic Case Study May 2017

Thank you Nanaska (LearnCIMA) for making my first attempt at Strategic Case Study a successful one.

The training methodology is undeniably unique and very effective considering the tight work schedule of most students.

The podcasts, weekly live discussion sessions with Channa , what’s app group chats ,mocks written in simulated CIMA exam portal ,one-on-one sessions for review of mocks, access to a rich study library etc are viable tools that facilitate success of students at the CIMA exams.

Well done team Nanaska (LearnCIMA), keep up the good job!

Adegbite Adekola (Nigeria)
Strategic Case Study May 2017

I took the SCS with a different tutor last year. He spent only one weekend to go over the material; the rest was left to me to figure out. That partnership failed. This year, I went for Nanaska. From the get-go, I knew they were different: website, personal profiles, proper admin, podcasts, etc. Then it came time to deep dive; we met regularly, lots of reading material, and Whatsapp forum. We had webinars every weekend to go over new information and questions from the week. We then progressed to the practice mocks with one-on-one feedback. Success was resounding

Tin Mar Yi (Myanmar)
Strategic Case Study - May 2017

Before I knew about Nanaska and Mr. Channa, I was the person who does not have the enough level of confidence to pass the CIMA SCS exam. I always thank to Mr. Aung Naing Maung Maung who paved the way to Nanaska and introduced with Channa Sir. With the support of Channa Sir and Nanaska team, through the mock exams, I knew about my strengths and weaknesses of my knowledge and experience to face with real exam. When I sat the real exam, I noticed that I could manage the time and answering points that pushed me to pass the exam. With Nanaska and Channa Sir's support, I could pass the exam. I strongly believe that Nanaska is the place that is secure to pass with the best marks in CIMA exams.

Victor Muchemwa, Harare (Zimbabwe)
Strategic Case Study – May 2016

I would like thank LearnCIMA for helping me to pass my Strategic Case Study in May 2016. I had enrolled late for exams and only had less than 30 days before exam day. The 6 mock exams and feedback was extremely useful to build my exam confidence. The video conferences, course notes and videos were extremely helpful in ensuring that I passed the final CIMA paper at first attempt with a score of 89. I would like to recommend LearnCIMA to anyone intending to write the Strategic Case Study. Hard work plus LearnCIMA pays! Once more thank you Channa and team.

Christine Wong Shiow yann (Malaysia)
Strategic Case Study  - Feb 2016

I am pleased to inform that through your guidance, I've managed to pass the 2016 SCS Feb sitting at first attempt. My score is 88 for variant 3.

I really benefited from all the podcast that you've prepared in the forum where I can listen to it everyday on my way to work.
Secondly is the KYP & KYI. Next is the important notes on the possible issues which is of great help.
Last but not least, the Mock practice is super valuable. Although I've only submitted 1 mock for marking, I've managed to attempt all the Mocks on my own.

I truly appreciate all your hard work in preparing me for the exams. Your method is clearly effective ....keep it up. Words can't express how grateful I am for your help.

Francis Ayivi (Ghana)
Strategic Case Study - Nov 2015

Thank you Channa and your dedicated team for your passionate support during my preparation for the November 2015 CIMA SCS. You exceeded my expectations in the quality and relevance of you course materials and your 1-2-1 engagements among others. My favorite part was your podcasts!
I suffered a setback a few days to the release of the pre-seen. I failed P3 OT 4 days to the release of the pre-seen. I spend two weeks after the pre-seen to pass this paper. This means I was behind time in my preparations. That was when my tutor-mentor directed me to Learncima.com and said “Channa and his team can fix this”. And yes, Channa fixed me and so can he and his team fix you too!
LearnCIMA course materials are direct and straight to the point. The best part is that the mock exams are more demanding than the real exams ensuring that committed students pass their exams. The exam engine depicts the real exams giving students real-exam feel that boost students’ confidence. I passed at my first attempt.
I have recommended LearnCIMA to fellow students and strongly recommend them to all CIMA students taking case study exams at all levels.

Sandalika Pabasari (Sri Lanka)
Managerial Case Study August 2016 – 1st in the World, 1st in Sri Lanka

I was really pleased to find out, I was the highest marks in the world for CIMA Case Study.

LearnCIMA and Channa was a great help in this journey and achievement.

Channa Sir always encouraged us to dream big, and his audios were geared towards motivating us to achieve more than what we thought we were capable of. This has changed our thinking and we started to think big.

It was a pleasant surprise to find all the hard work had paid off with such great results and I will always be grateful to him for helping me realize my potential.

Answering for questions in the LearnCIMA exam portal is great for practice since it replicates the exam conditions, and it would be very useful if you're facing a CIMA case study for the first time.

And the best part of the course was 9 mocks that were given and that covered most questions that were there on exam day.

Rashmika Mahanama (Sri Lanka)
Strategic Case Study August 2016 – 5th in the World, 1st in Sri Lanka

Passing exams with a high mark was not an impossible task due the immense support and guidance received from Mr. Channe. An advice for a randomly prompt question or clarification was a few clicks away due to the availability of online support. The podcasts, additional reading material and videos provided a depth of additional knowledge which helped me not only to excel when answering questions but also widened my thinking horizon. Most of all availability of these resources helped me out to be focused on my goal as where ever I was everything was available at my fingertips

Kiran Kumar Komaravolu (India)
Management Case Study November 2016

I am a qualified CA from India and was attracted to CIMA,UK considering it's reputation and the rigorous syllabus and methodology. I was hesitant to take any online coaching before for my MCS but finally got to know about LearnCIMA in some social media forum. Mr. Channa is the best with his approach and guidance that made me clear MCS in first attempt and despite hardly preparing because of some personal issues.

I recommend LearnCIMA for any first timer preparing for Gateway route and I am sure the individual attention via WhatsApp and online Forum will help coupled with many mock exams that have special attention on improvement areas. I am looking forward for my Strategic level with this team again.

Ashraf Ibrahim Hashim (Sudan)
Strategic Case Study - Nov 2016

The Case Study tuition provided by LearnCIMA is more exams focused and practical in sense of how you will approach the case study tasks on the exam day.

Further, the material that used was very helpful in understanding the case study and the relevant industry issues plus the mock exams under exam conditions and the follow up of the LearnCIMA team on exam performance, that build up the confidence I needed on the exam day

The Session and the Support of Mr. Channa was very helpful and make the case study easily to understand. The course is well planned which fit my busy work schedule

I recommend LearnCIMA as they help me to pass the Exam. Thank you LearnCIMA team

Kevin N’Guessan (UK)
Operational Case Study  - Nov 2016

For me case studies are always a bit complicated because they entail a lot. Working with LearnCIMA team helped me a lot to break down the difficulties of the November 2016 OCS and fortunately I passed. To the almighty I say thank you and to LearnCIMA and I am very greatful.

Abhik Das Biswas (India)
Strategic Case Study - Aug 2016

I am really thankful to LearnCIMA for their online coaching support which is consists of personnel discussion, podcast support on practical question paper based on strategic case pre seen material

Actually LearnCIMA course curriculum was framed in such way which helps me to pass the strategic level case study examination, passed in Aug 16 examination
Special thanks to Mr.Channa for his on line classes on every weekend on the practical question given to us as mock test with practical approach to answer the same, which helps us to write to answer the question in own words,

LearnCIMA also provide individual support and feedback on the Mocks appears by us as examination scenario with marks as well as suggestion for improvements

Wish all the best to LearnCIMA to produce more successful students!

Paul Aninakwah (Ghana)
Passed Nov 2014 (Country prize winner)

I will like to thank Channa and the team for the support provided during the period. In fact you pushed me to do the mocks and this proved very beneficial. I had a very busy work schedule and could not have passed without your guidance. The feedback on the mocks were also very useful. I studied F3 and T4 with you and I was the top performer in both subjects in Ghana. You guys are the best as far as I am concerned.

Siraj Hallaldeen (Quatar)
Passed Nov 2014

I sat T4 part b exam first attempt in Nov 2014, and last paper we will sit before the new syllabus, the first step I took was to check which tuition provider I have to select, after I was convinced that PassTopCima.com was the right choice as many students recommend the unique approach, I did like it very much " you fail we fail " , when I registered i got all the study materials and support I needed, simply saying money well invested, I was very busy with year-end work had little time to study but Channa sir gave me good feedback for me to rectify my mistakes and produce a passing script on the exam day, got 26 credit in first attempt I am over the moon, thanks for the support, I would recommend Channa sir, he is simply the best.

Osama Ahmed Elamin (Sudan)
Passed Nov 2014

Topcimapass.com helped me to pass first time although I had only
less than two month and had sit for the strategic level a year before.
They provide you with all the material you need to pass from the first
time. They have friendly website which is updated daily beside they
provide you with a really good timetable that push you to keep up with
them. They provide you with a good quality mock exam and give you
a details feedback and train you for the big day. For the above reasons,
I really recommend them to anyone who wants to pass from the first
time with reasonable effort.

Miyuru Dharmage

Passed Nov 2020 (Country prize winner)

Review Data
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