Learning, and education is not something a person can receive, it is something one needs to achieve.


All of us, hope to achieve something when we enroll with CIMA. Either we are looking to solidify our experience with proper theory and head knowledge, or we are fresher's, looking to gain the basic knowledge before stepping into the rapidly changing, dynamic business world. It is only when we achieve the target that we set out to achieve, would we consider ourselves successful. At Nanaska, our team also works with an objective in mind, and that is to ensure that all the students who enroll with us receive all the assistance they require to ensure that they achieve their educational goals.
Education is not received. It is achieved.
CIMA is not just limited to passing exams. Even though we often measure our success based on the exam results, that not the end of the story. The knowledge you acquire by following the course should be able to help you bring value addition to what you do. We at Nanaska aspire to ensure that all our students, not only pass the exam, but also end up successful in what they chose to do; that they bring about a value addition to the business world.

Since its inception in 2010, Nanaska has been one of the leading CIMA registered tuition providers in Sri Lanka. Over the years, we have been produced over 4000 students including overseas students from UK, Malaysia, Dubai, Ghana and South Africa. By far, over 90% of the CIMA case study Sri Lankan prize winners have been proudly produced by ourselves. We are fully committed sharpen the students with the required knowledge and build them to become a business leader.
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