Strategic Case Study

At the Strategic level, the role simulated is that of the senior finance manager. The Case Study Examination provides a simulated context which allows learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role.
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At the Strategic level, the role simulated is that of the senior finance manager. The Case Study Examination provides a simulated context which allows learners to demonstrate that they have acquired the required knowledge, skills, techniques and mindset for that role.

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Channa Gunawardana


SCS At Nanaska

Know Your Pre Seen (KYP)

A document that provides a comprehensive understanding to the given CIMA pre-seen case study material. It exhibits the pre-seen document in a user friendly and lively manner by breaking down the details, organizing the content, use of graphical illustrations such as images, charts and graphs, providing supplementary explanations, definitions and so on.

Industry Review (KYI)

A document that provides the basic understanding of the case study industry including clarification of technical matters, details of real world entities and stakeholders. It also includes case study related real world issues grouped under headings such as performance, financing, risks, acquisitions and mergers, human resources, technology, information technology, legal, CSR, ethics etc.

Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is an in-depth analysis of the given CIMA pre-seen case study material. Facts and figures given in the pre-seen case study are examined, analysed and critically evaluated in detail to convey a solid discussion. This document would also include links to varied theoretical areas, relations to the real world industry and real world companies and indications on possible tasks, issues, areas and scenarios that can come on the actual examinations.

Revision on Strategic Theory Knowledge

Revision on Strategic Level theory knowledge (E3 P3 & F3) would include a complete set of theory notes and audio podcasts. It will enable to refresh required theory knowledge needed for the exam, whilst being summarized to be able to be covered in the short time duration and it would also be comprehensive enough to cover all required areas for the case study exams.

2 Practice Mock & 4 Mocks with speedy Personal Feedback

We would give 2 practice mocks and 4 mocks to attempt and would provide detailed feedback so you know where you need to improve, and how to improve! The 2 practice mocks will be given for you to discuss with tutors and other students on the forum, to help you develop your depth of understanding for this paper and issues that can arise.

Ground Rules for Case Study

There are certain rules that need to be kept in your mind when answering the case study examination. Ground rules document summarizes them. The links between your answer and the marking scheme will be explained in depth. We need to demonstrate multiple skills in the exam and how should we demonstrate our skills, which skills to demonstrate will be discussed in our ground rules module. Ground rules also analyse past papers and guide you on how to develop a balanced answer in the exam. It gives you insight on which angles to think in order to arrive at a proper answer.

Core Activities

Your exam paper is set to cover, Core Activities that a finance professional carry out in his/ her day to day life. This is attempting to match such core activities to the case study.

Past Paper Review

A detailed analysis on recent past papers will be done and shared with the students so they can understand what type of questions were asked in previous sessions so students can prepare themselves better.

Power Mock Paper

This Mock Paper to discuss possible theory scenarios based on Enterprise & Performance Pillars and further to review possible standard questions based on Past Paper Analysis.

Financial Mock

Many students need additional support for Financial Pillar questions, hence a separate mock paper to support improve financial knowledge.

Personal Online Discussion Forum

Our Online Discussion Forum will enable you to interact with your tutors and fellow students – you need not to feel alone, wherever in the world you are.

Online Discussion Groups (Webinar using sophisticated platform)

Participate in real time online group discussions where lecturers and fellow students will be available and share problems, solutions and ultimately add value to your studies.

1-2-1 Discussions with Tutor for the 4 marked mocks

A unique feature strengthening our personalized service is the 1-2-1 lecturer- student live discussions, done via What’s App web. Key focus is the discussion of student’s mock answer scripts and the marker comments on those. Students would be able to ask questions directly and get advices by lecturer on exam skills, study planning and on revision work will also be given.

 SMS & Follow up service

Our administrators will follow up with each student via SMS and emails regarding their study progress and mock answer submissions. Our lead lecturer will also be easily reached via SMS, emails, WhatsApp and other mediums.

SCS WhatsApp Group to clear your doubts instantly when you are studying!

Podcasts for you to listen so that you can even study on the move.

Business English Session

Through this session, a set of new business vocabulary and a training on formal English writing will be carried out as the CIMA case study exam is 3 hours online based typing examination.

Flexible Time Table

We will send you a specimen time table upon your registration for you to amend, which will help you focus your personal study time. Once agreed we will work with you and follow up to keep to those key dates!

 24/7 Service

Our Team work 24/7 so you can do the studying at your convenience. If you have any questions you can contact us via email, Skype, forum and even SMS. Our lecturers are there to support you 24/7. The more you utilize them, the better your chances in improving and passing.

Limited Spaces and Individual Attention

We have a restricted student base which enables us to provide a personalized service with individual attention for each student. Our administrators will frequently follow up with students as well as our lecturers would be familiar with each student’s progress and performance.

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